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Conferences / Didactics


Our primary intern conference is our Academic Half Day, held on Friday afternoons.  Interns from both the inpatient and outpatient services are freed of clinical duties to attend.  The content of the half day is variable and can include: didactics on basic medical care, case based discussions including Intern Report, procedure based training in the Simulation Center, and other topics / venues.


Resident Morning Report is held Monday - Thursday at 7:30, before the work of the day begins.  Report is usually a case presented by a resident, including both inpatients and outpatients.  In addition, subspecialty fellows and faculty are invited to present cases, especially illnesses not frequently seen in the inpatient setting or resident clinics.  There is a monthly HIV focused report presented by ID faculty, and a monthly Autopsy Report with the Pathology residents and faculty.

Resident didactics are held at noon on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Tues/Thurs are our core didactic series which covers the full range of medical issues seen in Internal Medicine.  Monday is a mixture of Board Review, Humanism in Medicine, and other topics.

Joint Conferences

Medical Grand Rounds is Friday at 9AM with an invited speaker.

Morbidity, Mortality, and Improvement (MM&I) conference is Wednesday at noon.  Residents are assigned to present a single case in depth, with a faculty moderator to help develop audience participation and discussion.


Several off site retreats are held each year for both residents and interns to help develop team based skills and camaraderie.

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