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Associated Resident Council

Mission Statement

The purpose and goals of the Associated Resident Council (ARC) shall be to multifaceted, including but is not limited to,

  • representing the interests and concerns of the training residents at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H),
  • promoting harmonious relations and collaborations among the residents, and D-H faculty and staffs,
  • creating a forum for residents to pursue social, educational, academic, research, regulatory, advocacy, and volunteer interests, and developing a community and network for training residents.


  1. Each ACGME accredited residency/fellowship program should have between one and two voting representatives on the ARC.
  2. Representatives will be selected by each department, either by selection or election, based on interest in each particular department.
  3. Representatives will serve for a term of one year. Representative may serve more than one term if so chosen by their respective department.
  4. Each designated representative will have voting rights on the ARC. 60% attendance is required to retain voting privileges. If a voting member is unable to come to a meeting, they should designate a person to vote in their absence.
  5. Any D-H interns, residents, or fellows are invited to attend all ARC meetings and contribute to the meetings. They will not however have voting privileges.
  6. The President will be elected by the ARC and will serve a term of one year. This term will start in January and go for 12 months. This will allow for the past president to help with the transition before leaving the institution.
  7. The President will select a vice president and other directors based on individual interest as outlined above. Residents/fellows will serve in the positions at the discretion of the President.
  8. The membership director of the ARC will be responsible for ensuring equal representation among the various departments.


  1. Meetings will be held monthly at the discretion of the leadership, typically on the 4th Tuesday of the month.
  2. The meeting schedule will be published and distributed to all departments with the anticipation that members of the committee be relieved from clinical duties whenever possible to attend meetings
  3. The meeting agenda will be open for additions until 24h before the meeting starts. It will then be distributed by email before the meeting.
  4. All meetings are open to all Residents and Fellows.


  1. To foster communication between ARC officers and the administration and staff at D-H and associated hospitals.
  2. To foster communication among ARC officers from different hospital departments.
  3. To provide a means by which ARC officers can actively participate in the formation and change of policy that affects patient care. Specifically, this will be achieved by active participation in quality improvement projects, membership and various hospital committees, etc.
  4. To provide a means to monitor the quality of benefits provided to ARC officers.
  5. Optimize the educational experience by Residents and Fellows
  6. Contribute to Residents and Fellows wellness by providing resources and opportunities for healthy living inside and outside of the hospital setting.

For more information about the Associated Resident Council, please visit the Resources section.