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Malpractice Insurance Coverage & Risk Management Program

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic (DHC), Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital (MHMH), and Dartmouth College (DC/The Geisel School of Medicine) participate in a self-insured malpractice insurance program that was created in 1977. By pooling financial resources, they are able to obtain professional and comprehensive general liability insurance to cover medical center employees such as physicians (including physicians admitted to professional graduate training programs as residents or fellows), nurses, medical students, other clinical and non-clinical employees, and volunteers. As a Resident or Fellow, you are covered under this insurance program for activities within the scope of your employment. Over the years, the program has been effective from both a risk-funding and a claims-management perspective. The combined program facilitates cooperation among those it insures by utilizing a joint defense of claims. When a claim is asserted against more than one of the institutions and/or its insured's, potentially divisive forces are avoided by coordinating the defense of all co-defendants rather than each institution attempting to minimize its separate liability.

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