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Resident Stipend Policy

I. Purpose of Policy

To define the steps used to determine the appropriate stipend level for all residents.

II. Policy Scope

The policy applies to all residents in Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) - accredited training programs.

III. Definitions

Resident: Any physician in an accredited graduate medical education program, including interns, residents, and fellows.

IV. Policy Statement

  • Residents in all ACGME-accredited programs must be provided with appropriate compensation as recommended annually by the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).

  • Residents at the same Post-Graduate Year (PGY) level of training in all programs must be paid in accordance with the stipends recommended by the GMEC. Residents may not be paid less than, or in excess of, the stipend for their PGY level of training.

    The following individuals are exempt from this requirement:
    • Residents whose compensation is provided by the United States Armed Forces or the United States Federal Government.
    • Additional year chief residents (e.g., Internal Medicine and Pediatric chief residents).

  • Resident stipends are determined based on the PGY level of the program, not by the number of years of prior graduate medical education completed by the resident.

    The following circumstances are the only exceptions to this rule:
    • ACGME-accredited combined residency programs (e.g., Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency) are considered to be a single program when assigning PGY level.
    • A resident entering a training program following completion of a portion or all of the Board requirements in another specialty may receive PGY level credit for that portion of training which meets Board eligibility requirements in the new specialty/subspecialty area of training.

  • PGY level credit towards training in another specialty/subspecialty program is not given for time spent as an additional year Chief Resident.

  • It is the responsibility of the Residency/Fellowship Program to:
    • Notify the GME office of the appropriate PGY level for each resident starting in their program based on the above noted requirements, exemptions and exceptions. Program completion of the GME New Appointment Form is the approved method of notification for new hires.
    • Notify the GME office of any change in PGY level based on a resident’s satisfactory progress within the residency program. Program completion of the GME Reappointment/Program Change Form is the approved method of notification for reappointments.

D-H Policy ID: 11274