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Program Details

The Addiction Fellowship program includes assessment and treatment of dual diagnosis patients, multiple case conferences, psychopharmacology medical clinics, and didactic seminars on all major aspects of addiction.

The program includes a scholarly requirement, as well as numerous opportunities to be involved in the research of addiction. Patients seen in the program cover a range of socioeconomic diversity. There is also substantial opportunity to teach psychiatric residents and Dartmouth medical students.

The program treats patients with addiction disorders through the Intensive Outpatient Program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), patients in residential rehabilitation at the VA Medical Center (VAMC), Buprenorphine Clinics at both facilities, as well as inpatients treated for alcohol withdrawal in both institutions

Further Details

  • Half of the fellow’s time is spent at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, with rotations at the outpatient Addiction Treatment Program (ATP) and on the consult liaison service. During the ATP rotation, the trainee gains clinical experience in the treatment of primary substance abuse patients and their families. The other half of the year is spent at the VAMC, treating patients in the residential rehab unit, consultations, and outpatient Buprenorphine Clinics.
  • Substance abuse consultation experience is gained on medical, surgical, and OB/GYN services in the emergency department and intensive care units of DHMC, with patients who have acute and chronic drug and/or alcohol abuse and dependency, including acute intoxication and overdose. Consultation experience at the VA Medical Center includes the Inpatient Mental Health unit ambulatory care.
  • Fellows spend six weeks at Valley Vista, a residential rehabilitation facility offering residential care for adolescents struggling with SUD.
  • Fellows spend one day a week working with the pain management team for six weeks at the VAMC.
  • Fellows spend one week total (10 half-days) working with the director of the local methadone maintenance program at Habit OPCO, a federally licensed opioid treatment center.
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