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Clinical Electives

The program encourages participation in clinical electives that allow fellows to broaden their training in areas of particular interest. Some of the common clinical electives are briefly described below:

  1. Anesthesia - the primary goal of this elective is to gain greater expertise in airway management and immediate post-anesthetic care.
  2. CT surgery - the goal of this rotation is to offer experience in the management of post-operative cardiac and thoracic surgery patients. exterior shot of DHMC
  3. Interventional radiology - the goal is to for the fellow to gain expertise in ultrasound and the performance of interventional procedures, particularly those relevant to the care of critically ill patients.
  4. Nutrition - the goal of this elective is to offer an in-depth experience by active participation on the nutritional support team.
  5. Pulmonary - the goal of this rotation is to provide the fellows with a focused experience on patients with acute and chronic lung disease. Fellows will also gain expertise in the interpretation of pulmonary function tests and the performance of procedures, such as bronchoscopy.
  6. Nephrology - the goal of this rotation is to provide fellows with additional, concentrated experience in the evaluation and management of acute renal failure (including renal replacement therapy) as well as fluid and electrolyte disorders.
  7. Echocardiography - fellows rotate through the echo lab under the direct supervision of the attending cardiologist. Some fellows may choose to spend sufficient time in the echo lab to qualify for certification in echocardiography.
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