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Clinical Rotations

The intensive care unit at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is a 26-bed multi-disciplinary ICU which serves as the base for core rotations in critical care medicine.

DHART helicopterThe multi-disciplinary ICU affords the fellow exposure to a broad spectrum of critical illness. The primary goal of the rotations in the multi-disciplinary ICU is for the critical care fellow to develop the skills necessary for the diagnostic assessment and medical management of complex and often unstable, critically ill patients with a range of medical and surgical disorders. The fellow will have regular involvement with patients presenting with failure of one or more organ systems, many of whom require mechanical ventilatory assistance, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, renal replacement therapy, intracranial pressure monitoring, and nutritional support. Many of the patients also require procedures such as arterial, central venous, or pulmonary artery catheter insertion; endotracheal intubation; thoracentesis; paracentesis; lumbar puncture; chest tube insertion; and cardioversion.