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Residents In This Section

The Clinical Curriculum

All residents start and complete their clinical training in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock outpatient clinic under the direct supervision of an attending staff preceptor. Dr. Nicole Pace is responsible for the schedule of clinical training rotations.

The program has a graded responsibility structure, such that residents gain progressive responsibility in patient evaluation and management over their three years of training. Additionally, residents will assume care for a larger number of patients over time, according to their level of training. The cornerstone of the resident clinical experience is the resident Dartmouth-Hitchcock continuity clinic. Especially in the second and third years of training, this the resident Dartmouth-Hitchcock continuity clinic makes up the majority of the resident’s clinical training experience.

The program is divided into roughly 8 types of rotation blocks. For a representative schedule of rotations for all residents in the program. While the typical schedule is as follows, during the end of the academic year most residents will begin to “move up” in their rotations to assume the next training year level duties in months of May, and June. The rotations include:

First year rotations

  • Orientation (1 month)
  • Attending (2 months)
  • Procedural (2 months)
  • Dermpath/Inpatient (1 month)
  • Specialty (2 months)
  • VA (2 months)
  • Continuity Clinic (2 months)

Second year rotations

  • Continuity Clinics (4 months)
  • Procedural (1 month)
  • Dermatopath/Inpatient (4 months)
  • Outpatient Consult (1 month)
  • Mohs (2 months)

Third year rotations

  • Contintuity Clinic (3 months)
  • Outpatient Consults (4 months)
  • Mohs (2 months)
  • Float (2 months)
  • Wrap-Up (1 month)


Resident may pursue elective experiences in the second and third year of training. A total of 4 weeks is allowed. Examples of recent resident electives include: Mohs surgical electives, laser and cosmetic electives, Native American health elective, camp discovery elective.

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