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Diagnostic Radiology Program Overview

Stephanie P. Yen, MD

Stephanie P. Yen, MD, Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology

Welcome to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program! Our program offers a unique blend of first-rate radiology training at a state of the art facility in a location conducive to a wonderful quality of life.

The size of our program, with 20 residents and 4 fellows, allows for a resident-centered experience, combining the best of academic subspecialty level teaching and research with hands-on active learning. The faculty’s commitment to resident teaching, led by several nationally recognized educators in radiology including renowned radiologic physicist Dr. Walter Huda, creates an ideal environment for resident learning and growth. We have a 100% pass rate for the new ABR Core Exam since its inception.

Our collegial atmosphere involves residents in all aspects of the training program including curriculum design and resident selection. The change in the timing and format of the ABR exam allows for a flexible, individualized fourth year of training with resident input a major driving force in the design of this year. In addition to allowing residents to obtain further training in clinical areas of interest, the fourth year allows elective opportunities in global health, radiology leadership/business, and informatics, as well as a Clinician Educator elective, community radiology elective, and dedicated research time. This innovative approach sets our program apart from others.

With the changes to Interventional Radiology training on the horizon, we are pleased to report that we have received ACGME accreditation for our Integrated IR residency program. We also have received ACGME approval for Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) program designation

The input of our residents is highly valued in our selection process to ensure the recruitment of residents who are academically skilled, share our vision, and are team players.

As part of the Dartmouth College community, our residents have ready access to a variety of cultural activities including theatre, dance, music and film as well as a full spectrum of college sports. Our residents experience the best of what Northern New England has to offer with easy access to farmers' markets, country fairs and spectacular outdoor recreational activities including skiing, hiking, cycling, boating, fishing and gardening.

We are very proud of the excellent clinical training and unique opportunities our program provides which prepare our residents for a successful career in academia or private practice.

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Stephanie P. Yen, MD
Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology

David A. Pastel, MD
Associate Director

More about our program

The Radiology residency is a competitive four-year program that attracts top-notch candidates from around the world.

We offer cutting-edge facilities and an array of research opportunities. The residency has a 2:1 faculty-to-resident ratio, and our staff is actively involved with research and teaching. Currently, Dartmouth-Hitchcock's radiology programs enroll a total of 20 residents and 5 fellows.

Fellowship programs in Cross-Sectional Imaging, MRI, Neuroradiology, and Vascular and Interventional Radiology (VIR) are designed to supplement the resident experience. These fellowship programs take advantage of the state-of-the-art imaging equipment, a wide breadth of clinical material, and the academic resources of the department to provide a strong, in-depth clinical and academic subspecialty experience.

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