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Upgrading and expanding imaging systems are an ongoing priority and are essential to all areas of our mission: state-of-the-art equipment improves diagnostic accuracy and procedural outcomes, improves efficiencies, improves patient safety and comfort, and enhances teaching and research.

We currently have a:

  • GE Discovery™ MR750 3T
  • GE Signa Twin Speed 1.5T
  • ONI Medical Systems' MSK Extreme™ 1.5T scanner

In addition, the department maintains the Philips Achieva 3T research MR system used in the Advanced Imaging Center. Our ultrasound equipment consists of:

  • Five Philips HDI scanners (including several units in OB/GYN)
  • Two Philips iU22 systems
  • Four Siemens Antares™ units

The four-room angiography suite for VIR procedures includes two GE single-plane angiography systems, a GE Advantx™ LCN biplane unit, and a Siemens Axiom Artiszee™ biplane system that facilitates a range of interventional neuroradiology procedures.

The Nuclear Imaging Division utilizes four scanning systems:

  • Siemens Symbia T6™ SPECT-CT unit
  • GE Infinia Hawkeye Gamma Camera
  • GE Discovery ST™ PET-CT
  • Marconi IRIX Gamma Camera

CT systems include: two GE Lightspeed 16-slice scanners, and a GE Lightspeed  Volume CT 64-slice system. We have expanded our capacities in CT-guided interventions with the Siemens Somatom Definition™ AS system; offering multiplanar fluoroscopic reconstruction and merged 3D/real-time imaging, this versatile 40-slice scanner is used for a range of image-guided percutaneous interventions.

Mammography screening and diagnostic studies are conducted on five Hologic Selenia™ full-field digital mammography systems. Biopsies are performed using a Lorad MultiCare™ Platinum stereotactic biopsy system. Breast-MR exams and interventions utilize a Sentinelle™ Breast MR Auxiliary Table with 8-channel coil array. The Hologic Selenia™ Dimension digital breast  tomosynthesis (DBT) system is used for clinical studies.

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