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Welcome to Dartmouth’s Emergency Medicine Program and thanks for visiting!

I became interested in EM from doing wilderness medical training as part of my work as a guide and then seeing those skills in action during a few wilderness emergencies where I was able to lend a hand. Wanderlust and love of wilderness are foundational passions of mine and in my former life I also spent a lot of time in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) where I worked with bazaar kids and did some field work for my MA.

I came to Dartmouth because of the excellent training first and foremost. We see sick patients with real pathology coming from communities with limited access to specialty care. I was also attracted by the welcoming culture and reputation for outstanding mentorship. And I can say honestly that Dartmouth has exceeded my hopes in these areas. It’s just a great place to work where people know and support one another!

Finally, the Northern Vermont/New Hampshire region is ideal for scratching itchy feet in residency. There are innumerable hikes, ski trails, waterways and peaks to be explored on a day off. I have a beautiful bike commute to work each day and I don’t have to lock my bike when I arrive, at a level 1 trauma center!! Within a few hours drive I can explore NYC, Boston or head up to Montreal to learn some French.

DHMC is the hub of medical care for millions of patients ranging from Canada to Massachusetts. Because of this, we care for very sick patients in the ED. The training is great, and the environment is cordial and welcoming. We also spend time in local community hospitals as well as Shock Trauma in Baltimore to further enhance our clinical skills. This is an amazing place to work, and I am grateful I was able to match here!

From Utah originally, my family and I have loved the Upper Valley. There is a never-ending supply of places to hike, fish, and camp. Furthermore, the views of unlimited, tree-covered hills are perfect for winding down on the drive home after a crazy shift. My family and I live 50 seconds away from a beautiful lake where we fish and swim on a regular basis. Also nearby are numerous farms where we can sample maple syrup and cheese to our hearts’ content. If you enjoy nature and like breathing air, this place is ideal.

Hello and welcome to DHMC!

DHMC is one of the few tertiary care centers which services New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, northern New York and other surrounding areas. Additionally, we are surrounded by both rural and aging communities. This results in a hospital which really specializes in high-acuity care and dealing with complex medical patients. Our emergency medicine program has evolved since its conception (largely with heavy input from the residents themselves) into a program where residents are recognized throughout the hospital for their adaptability, broad knowledge base and ability to manage critically ill patients.

Moving here with my wife from North Carolina, the winters are a bit colder but life in the upper valley is still full of things to do. There are trails to run and hike, plenty of skiing in the winter and a variety of streams and rivers for trout fishing. I live with my wife and two dogs in Lebanon and have a quick 10 minute drive to the hospital. When I’m not working in the ED you can find me fishing in the white mountains or running on the rail trail which originates in Lebanon and extends over 40 miles into the middle of the state.

As a program we have had graduates who have successfully obtained community jobs across the country as well as those who have gone on to fellowship for critical care, ultrasound and wilderness medicine around the country. I feel that a unique strength of our program is that residents have a strong desire to make changes to better their experience and education – and we have leadership who listens and is not afraid to try new things. If you are interested in a program where you can leave your own mark in an a beautiful environment with plenty of year-round outdoor activities, this may be the place for you!