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Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Medicine shares in the Diversity Vision of the Geisel School of Medicine and embraces the definition of diversity in its broadest sense.

Diversity Vision of the Geisel School of Medicine

Geisel School of Medicine believes a diverse and inclusive community of students, residents, faculty and staff enhances the educational experience, widens the path to leadership, and advances our mission of improving health locally, nationally, and globally.  Geisel School of Medicine recognizes diversity as relating to gender, race, and ethnicity.  In addition, for students entering the healthcare profession,we recognize socioeconomic background.  Importantly, the definition of diversity also includes difficult to define measures or attributes such as the rich breadth of human experiences, talents and attributes. Geisel School of Medicine strives to allow the multiplicity of values, beliefs, interests and viewpoints of a diverse and inclusive community to foster excellence in our efforts to provide an exceptional medical and graduate education and address quality health outcomes for all.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock diversity statement

Women in Emergency Medicine

Dartmouth EM female faculty and residents get together on a regular basis for fun activities and to support each other as women in our field.

Geisel / DH Organizations

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.  We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of that tapestry are equal in value no matter their color."

- Maya Angelou