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Residents training in the EM Simulation Center


One of the primary missions of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Emergency Medicine Simulation is to educate residents and medical students in a manner that results in safe and effective patient care in the clinical setting.

Resident education

EM Residents in Simulation Center

Emergency Medicine (EM) interns are immersed in simulation during their orientation. In addition, all PGY levels receive training in the Simulation Center one day each month during didactic conference time.

Core faculty create medical cases in trauma and medical resuscitation, critical care, ethics and palliative care, and in additional core emergency medicine areas that residents are expected to manage through a team-oriented and patient-centered approach. Cases are built to include a multi-disciplinary team of RNs, Paramedics, and EM technicians who occasionally join the scenarios to simulate a more realistic clinical setting. Core faculty provide debriefing and teaching after each case, addressing critical actions in both clinical management, team management, and communication skills.

EM Simulation Center

Residents receive procedural training in the Simulation Center including airway management, central line insertion, chest tube placement, and other emergency procedures.


EM Simulation Center

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Emergency Medicine Simulation provides a state-of-the-art facility to deliver patient scenarios and procedural training with high-fidelity simulators and task and skill trainers. Cases are designed with input from expert simulation staff and programmed by simulation technicians.

Susan Varga, MD
Emergency Medicine Simulation Director