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Why I chose DH

I chose Dartmouth for its emphasis on providing excellent, patient-centered care to the region. We all become physicians to help others, and the environment here fosters that spirit of empathy that set us on the path to medicine in the first place. Proximity to family and the amazing local outdoor activities were other important factors that made Dartmouth the perfect fit.

After my sub-internship at Dartmouth, I knew it was the place for me. The program culture, and the Upper Valley community, is conducive to great training and a great lifestyle with four season recreation!

I came to Dartmouth because of the excellent training first and foremost. We see sick patients with real pathology coming from communities with limited access to specialty care. I was also attracted by the welcoming culture and reputation for outstanding mentorship. And I can say honestly that Dartmouth has exceeded my hopes in these areas. It’s just a great place to work where people know and support one another!

The Northern Vermont/New Hampshire region is ideal for scratching itchy feet in residency. There are innumerable hikes, ski trails, waterways and peaks to be explored on a day off. I have a beautiful bike commute to work each day and I don’t have to lock my bike when I arrive, at a level 1 trauma center!! Within a few hours drive I can explore NYC, Boston or head up to Montreal to learn some French.

I chose Dartmouth EM because I had great vibes on interview day and I love the location and the outdoor access it offers. Finding an environment where I would be happy outside of work and well-supported at work is what I was looking for, and that's what I found.

I ranked Dartmouth first because of the people. They were the right people for me and it just felt right.