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It feels like the calm before the storm, or the calm before the tsunami, as Jeff Munson said to me earlier today.  Will the social distancing strategy work to make COVID manageable for DHMC?  Or will things be different in a couple of days?  It is unclear.  We are continuing to work on plans to make sure that we can assist the institution in its response.  Should the census start to expand, we have a ‘domino relief’ team plan to make sure that workers are getting ample time off – when we are there, we will give you more information.  For now, it is business as usual for our inpatient teams.

Things sure are changing - one thing that has been taken off of our plates at DH is covering codes – thanks to Matt, the code pagers have been taken away, and we will not be covering any codes for the duration – the code team has been reconfigured so that the only physician present is an anesthesiologist.

Some residents have been questioning how they can get credit for the presentations that were accepted to meetings that have now been canceled.  I think this is an important questions for everyone thinking about a fellowship.  Please see this website to understand how those presentations would be listed in ERAS and on your CV.

Finally, I want to let you all know that Tuesday in place of board review, I’ll be hosting a Q&A – no agenda, just answering questions.  You can email me questions in advance, or email Ben or Darci if you want them to be anonymous, or you can ask via the chat function.

I am planning to minimally be on email from tonight through tomorrow night, so you probably will not hear from me tomorrow.  Please reach out if you need anything.

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