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This is fine...


I was overwhelmed by the number of residents who sent in a version of the ‘this is fine’ cartoon as their favorite meme of the moment.  I asked myself whether this was a sign of resiliency or deep sarcasm.  I’m going to go with the first (though the second is fine too).  ‘This is fine’ is usually used to convey a sense of acceptance in the face of an uncertain, dire or hopeless situation.  I think it fits with the tasks that we have ahead.  As you can hear from the news, covid is here, and getting worse.  We are reaching out (again) to other services to see how they can help us, and how we can help them.  Hospital Medicine, the ED and the ICU have spent the past day trying to come up with plans to make sure that we are fully staffed to take care of these patients.  We’ve been asked to make sure that hospital medicine has sufficient providers to ensure that it can deal with the COVID surge we suspect will come.


The residency program has made a lot of changes to our program.  We have canceled electives, ambulatory rotations and continuity clinic to focus on supporting the inpatient services.  It is likely not going to be enough.  So, we have created a four-phase plan to deal with this situation.  It is detailed below in more detail.  Phase 2 and 3 are most relevant to those of you on-service – please make yourself aware of the plans and contact me with questions.


We are expecting that everyone not on vacation be PPE trained by tomorrow.  If you haven’t yet done this, sign up for a spot now or we will sign you up tomorrow.  Senior residents – further information will be coming to you regarding codes for COVID patients – we will start to manage the code pager again on Thursday.  PGY1s and 2s – you are not to be part of codes for COVID patients.  For now, anesthesia/SICU/MICU continue to cover the code pager for us.


And now, some good news:

  1. If you are on inpatient – your schedule is your schedule. Your day off is your day off.  Your service is your service.  This will not change.  (See – we learn!)
  2. Your vacation is sacrosanct.  You will receive your vacation when it is scheduled from today forward.  And, if you’ve deferred your vacation, you will get a vacation between now and June 30.  Matt is working on this project.
  3. We are working on a plan for the home elective residents to provide additional time off for residents (in addition to covering potential quarantines).  Stay tuned.


Together we stand. Divided we fall.  I am confident we stand together!  This is fine.

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