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Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11th, is the New Hampshire primary. Unlike the recent Iowa caucuses, this 'first in the nation' event promises to be well-run, simply because cities and towns (instead of political parties) run polling stations – in other words, the New Hampshire primaries are run exactly as the election will be run in November. New Hampshire has a long and storied history of being the first primary in the nation. In prior years, winners of the primaries in New Hampshire have gone on to have significant advantage as the party front-runner.  What that means is that each of you have a great opportunity to determine who the nominee for your political party will be. Voting in the primary this year has potentially more influence as the Iowa caucuses did not demonstrate a clear winner.

Here is how it works: Anyone living in the state of New Hampshire is eligible to vote in any election. You become eligible to vote the day that you move to New Hampshire. If you’ve already registered to vote, great – sort out with your team when each of you will vote, and have at it!

If you haven’t registered, it is not too late – you can register at your polling place on election day! If you live in Lebanon, there are multiple polling locations. You can determine where your polling place is using this polling place search. Enfield, Grantham and Hanover each have a single polling place, which I've listed below, along with polling times for each location. Show up and be prepared to provide identification to register. The process, if there isn’t a line, should take less than 15 minutes. According to the NH Secretary of State website, "you will be required to fill out a New Hampshire voter registration form. You will be asked to show proof of identity, age, citizenship and domicile. This proof may be shown in paper or electronic form. If you do not have proof with you when registering, these qualifications may be established by signing affidavit(s)."

If you live in Vermont, your primary will be March 3rd. There is no same-day registration, so if you are interested in voting in the Vermont primary, plan to register between now and then!

Happy voting!

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