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It has been a while since I have been able to sit down and write you all an email – which I think is probably a sign that things are getting back to normal! I’ve had a great weekend off after several weeks on service – I felt very fortunate that Edgewater Farms was open, and I loaded up on plants, which I spent the weekend digging into the ground!

In the past couple of weeks, several pieces of information have been sent out that I want to call to your attention:

Research Day: I am so impressed with everyone who participated in research day. The posters were creative and demonstrated a diverse array of research. MGR was the most polished research day set of presentations I’ve ever seen. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Over the next six months, Graham is going to be thinking creatively about how we can build on this success and provide even more amazing research opportunities within the residency program. Stay tuned!

NCCC Redesignation: On Friday, we received news that the National Cancer Institute has re-designated the Norris Cotton Cancer Center as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. This is incredibly meaningful to us as an institution – not only does it bring much needed funding, but it also brings cache with it that mean our patients will have access to cutting-edge trials and treatments, and the training learners receive in cancer care mean that it will be easier to match into an academic fellowship or obtain an academic job.

Students: Starting tomorrow, we will have third-year Geisel students on all of our inpatient services again.  I know that the ability to teach medical students was one of the reasons that many of you came here, and I think we have all missed their presence on service.  Students will have been trained to doff and don PPE, and will have completed the bulk of their clinical rotations pre-covid.  They will also have completed all the didactic portion of their clerkship, so they will be with you morning and afternoon.  Some services will have two students for the next 4 weeks as Geisel attempts to catch up.  This is an unusual situation – if you have questions about how best to provide a great education experience to double the students, please reach out to Amanda Ratliff, the clerkship director, or to me.

I’m hoping you’ve all been able to step away from work for a few minutes during this weekend to enjoy the weather, and to think about the meaning that Memorial Day has for you. Personally, I am so grateful for the many men and women who gave their lives to protect our great country, and who, in doing, so continue to enable us to live free and creative lives – lives that would be impossible in many other parts of the world.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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