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Cartoons, NEJM, Yo-Yo Ma


Many of you know I am a podcast fan. My dirty little secret is that I have been unable to listen to many medical podcasts since the coronavirus pandemic – they are just too much. I am currently escaping into PCHH (Pop Culture Happy hour), which has a fantastic segment called "what's making us happy." All too often my day is composed of 'what should I be doing, so I love to hear people talk about what they are doing (watching/listening to) that is making them happy.

COVID memes (especially Star Trek themed ones) are clearly some of the things that are making me happy right now (more at the bottom). I’ve also been amazed at how many people are trying to make a contribution to others (especially us – healthcare workers) during this time. Joe Buck (@Buck on twitter) is using his sports-casting skills to 'announce' home sports videos. Yo-Yo Ma (@YoYoMa on facebook) is using his cello talents to inspire others with #songsofcomfort. If you are a fan of intelligent cartooning, Zach Weinersmith and his group have created a Comic Strip Tour of Pandemic Modeling to help us understand how predictions of the future can vary so widely.

On Saturday, I’ll join the blurple team on service. I suspect that before I do, I will be motivated to review this interactive COVID simulator from NEJM, because, let’s face it, at a basic level, knowing what the heck I am doing does make me happy.

I'll wrap this up with condolences and a congrats.

First, I suspect all of you received the news that Joanne Conroy’s husband died Sunday after a short battle with cholangiocarcinoma. I am in awe of her ability to navigate her home life while steering the ship of DH through rocky shoals. Sympathy cards are in a maroon folder on the table in Almy – please stop by and sign your name and let her know we are thinking of her.

And finally, ending on a bright note, our own Harley Friedman was promoted to Associate Professor of Medicine late last week – so if you see him, make sure you make a terrifically big deal about it and embarrass the heck out of him!!

Stay healthy!

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