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Drive-ins and Morning Report


Happy belated 4th of July from Cape Cod, where I and my family are vacationing! We’ve been visiting with family (>30 Ryders in one place!), playing tennis and card games, and walking the dunes. Usually, we celebrate 4th of July with a parade, beach picnic, and fireworks. Not perhaps surprisingly, all three were canceled this year - #ThanksCOVID. So, we improvised and ended up at the local drive-in – after my recent experiences at the Fairlee Drive-In, I wanted to see how the Wellfleet Drive-In compared.

With all the social distancing ordinances, drive-in theaters are making a comebackWalmart is converting its parking lots across the country into drive-in theaters. I can see why. We bought tickets in advance after being warned that the theater sold out frequently. We arrived armed with bugs pray, hoodies and blankets, and, along with 300 complete strangers, sang the national anthem. In socially distanced lines, wearing masks, we bought movie popcorn and candy. We watched Ghostbusters (1984 edition) from the backs of pick-up trucks or lawn chairs next to our car. We laughed together, and the kids screamed together. There was a palpable excitement in the air – a sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves. In a time where we spend so much of our free time stuck alone in our houses or apartments, I could sense the relief and enthusiasm of the crowd who were happy to be out, together, doing something fun as a group.

We humans are an adaptable and optimistic lot and this pandemic has shown us that we are more adaptable than we ever thought possible. Take away restaurants, reunions, parades, movie theaters; impose safety parameters that seem socially challenging, and we will find a way to safely be together in a manner that enhances the experience of us all.

Speaking of enhancing your experience, let’s talk conferences. As you know, after COVID hit and we were prohibited from gathering, our Morning Report was converted into a virtual format. When virtual was all that we had, we did a really good job at it. Now that we can gather, we’ve got an even better experience in store for you. Your current chiefs have been working hard to create what the industry calls a ‘hyflex’ model in which learners engage either in-person or online at the same time with the same content. As Alex’s email details, we have set aside rooms at the VA and DH (with plenty of socially distanced space and coffee for all!), and will provide a single morning report opportunity for both sites, as well as those who cannot be on-site.

I encourage all of you who can to be on-site at the VA or DH for morning report at least twice weekly. Having experienced several months of virtual morning report, I can’t wait to get back to the in-person version – in-person allows for greater discussion, and more participation (which enhances learning) and, without multiple tabs open on my browser, my mind will be less prone to wander. Plus, in person, no opportunity for your camera or microphone to fail you! I think it is especially important for interns on elective and PGY-2s to try to be present in person – morning report is one of the highest-yield conferences that we have, and you will get more out of it if you are in person.

I feel fortunate that I can join you all at morning report later this week from the Cape – and I’m looking forward even more to seeing you all in person at Morning Report next week!

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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