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Great Ideas

I will be the first to admit that sometimes, I do not have great ideas.  For example, allowing my kids to eat extra-large ice cream cones right before going on a roller coaster this summer was not a decision I will repeat. The great thing about working with you is that I don’t have to have all the great ideas. I am fortunate that you are willing to share your great ideas with me.

In the past couple of months, I’ve been talking with many senior residents about the fellowship application process, and how the residency program can better support residents going through the process. It should not be a surprise to you that our senior residents have some great ideas! I want to share with you a couple of new initiatives based on ideas that come from senior residents. I think that these ideas will provide more support and more information to demystify the fellowship application process.

  1. Fellowship Application Panels – Trying to figure out what makes a good fellowship application, how many fellowships you should apply to, and which fellowships are the best match for your interests and individual needs can be a challenge. Information is sparse and while some research mentors are helpful, others aren’t able to provide this type of information. We’re going to help!  On Monday, March 16th, at noon, you will have the opportunity to sit with young faculty, fellows and senior residents in your future specialty and get all of your questions answered. Ben and Graham have worked hard to put together panels of experts.

    We've looked at the schedule and think all JARs should be able to make this date and time; please reach out if you want to attend and think your clinical schedule might prevent you.  Interns are also welcome – the sooner you start preparing, the better prepared you will be.
  2. Fellowship Interview Database - As you start to think about which programs you might apply to, understanding the experience of other residents on the interview trail can be helpful.  The residents who applied to pulm/cc this year jointly worked on a database of fellowship interviews, indicating the good and bad features of each program they interviewed at.  John Howe has expanded this database, creating worksheets for each specialty.  We will be reaching out to senior residents to provide information (anonymously) about other specialties.  We will then make this available to residents who are in the match this year to use and further update.

I'm sure that you have some great ideas about how we can make the residency program even better than it is. Please come and share those ideas with me.

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