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Here We Are...

I spent last week on M2 with the blue and purple teams, my first time on service since New Year’s week. A lot has changed: we are rounding in scrubs, masks and face shields; the M2 service has taken over the sub-I room (Thanks, Geisel!) and the 1East family room (Thanks, 1East!) to comply with social distancing practices; without students, it feels a bit like the holiday schedule; and without family members visiting, residents are spending a lot of time on the phone making sure families feel informed and involved.

What I’d like to focus on, though, are the important things that have not changed. We are providing excellent, evidence based care to patients who need our help, and we are doing it with empathy, skill, and compassion.  We are learning from our patients and from one another, and we are supporting and creating a positive learning climate.  We are coordinating with nursing, social work, and our sub-specialty colleagues to make sure the care we provide is efficient and effective, and that patients aren’t staying in the hospital longer than necessary.  We are well-supported by the Department of Medicine, the GME office and our institution, all of whom are dedicated and devoted to ensuring our safety and well-being.

We are still caring for COVID+ patients, in the ICU and on the floor, but thanks to increased and faster testing and appropriate PPE, we are no longer being quarantined for work-related exposure. Clinics are open, and soon we will all be in-house as electives and ambulatory rotations plan to re-open in future blocks.  Pizza lunch is back, and Boloco will be back Tuesday! In the next two months, we will celebrate resident research, graduate our senior residents and welcome a new class of interns, many of whom have extensive experience caring for COVID19 patients.

It has not been an easy road to where we are today. We have come through the past two months together and unified as a residency program, and I believe that these challenges have made us stronger as individuals, and stronger as a group.

I am so proud of the efforts of each and every one of you.  I continue to feel blessed to be working with such a talented and committed group of physicians.

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