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Praise, Praise, and Praise


We are three days in to what promises to be a long journey. I continue to be so proud and heartened by the work you are doing.  You are probably tired of hearing it from me, so I thought I would share some of the words that other people are saying about you all.

From Amanda Ratliff, Clerkship Director, "I have been checking in with our students here and I must say, so far, they are thrilled with the experience... they say they are learning so much and are feeling so engaged and very much a part of the care of patients."

From Chris Lowrey, Section Chief of Hematology, "Please let me add my heartfelt thanks to all of you who are pitching in to help out during the COVID-19 situation. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! "

From Mary Chamberlin, Heme/Onc Fellowship Director, "Thank you All for jumping in to help. You’re truly an impressive group. Pleeease be super vigilant about staying hydrated , eat frequent small healthy meals, and rest whenever you can. Don't hesitate to call me if you are over-tired."

From Paul Dekoning, ED Program Director, "The housestaff are doing the heavy lifting—they are being pulled from services or pulled from days off to provide patient care and fill gaps in the schedule. I have yet to hear one lick of grumbling from any of them. The response has been a unanimous "how can I help?" All providers in the institution—not just the GME-minded folks in the room—need to keep that in mind and be on the lookout for ways to support our trainees precisely because they probably won’t tell us. We have an incredible opportunity to model to them grace under pressure, service to others, and the ability to honestly admit when we need help. Thanks SO much for how you and your team are modeling this."

At the hospital medicine section meeting on Tuesday, Dave Haughey and Rob Mathews could not say enough wonderful things about all of the residents currently on M2.

There is good news in store: today we worked to design a plan to rotate all the residents on nights onto days, and give each resident a day off. Tomorrow we will tackle the plan for interns. This will be very much assisted by Chao, who has volunteered to return from vacation 3 days early to help out!!

It is really important that you all know that your health and well being is my number one priority. Today I emailed the service leaders of all five services and let them know that I expect fair and reasonable treatment. Day shifts should not last more than 11 hours. The work of nights should be manageable (with your home team of helpers). If you become exhausted, I will happily remove you from the service you are on. If I see a categorical abuse of residents leading to exhaustion, I told the services that I will simply withdraw residents from the service, and they can manage without you (I have to admit, this is something the devilish side of me would really like to see them try ;-). If you are doing a level of work you believe is not consistent with safe patient care, I also want to know and will advocate for services to deploy more support to you.

When I was a senior resident, I remember saying to my co-residents that I didn't think the hospital would be able to function without us. This is more clearly true to me now than it was then. You all are the core of this hospital. If you all decided you had had enough, and that you were going to stop, the entire facility would literally cease to function. It is through your hard work that patients continue to receive high quality care, today and every day.

Dr. Dekoning notes that this is an opportunity for we attendings to model grace under pressure and service to others.  Quite frankly, my opinion is that YOU are modeling to US, every day that you show up, grace under pressure and service to others. Of all the groups of physicians in the hospital, YOU are the best.

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