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Educational expectations

The second year of the DHLPMR—or LPM-Y2—is centered on completion of the practicum. The clinical leadership application rotations (CLARs) that residents complete in LPM-Y1 are designed to prepare residents for this undertaking.

There is also masters in public health (MPH) coursework, which entails one course each in the Winter and Spring terms, as well as the ongoing Longitudinal Public Health Experience during this year. Up to 20% clinical activity in the home department is also expected.

Preparation for the practicum

During LPM-Y1

Residents will present to the Practicum Review Board (PRB) at least twice during LPM-Y1 to aid in the design of the Practicum project.

During the Practicum year (LPM-Y2)

  • Progress report to the Practicum Review Board (PRB)
  • Final report to the PRB
  • Practicum discussion sessions scheduled to allow residents time to prepare and receive feedback on their presentations, as well as to meet and discuss challenges they are facing in implementing their projects
  • Written report suitable for publication by the end of LPM-Y2. Submission for publication is expected.

Please note: All products related to the Practicum project should be uploaded into the portfolio.

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