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Residents In This Section

Research Overview

  • Each resident selects a research mentor from a list of potential faculty projects, depending on their interest in basic science or clinical projects.
  • Resident projects begin development in the PGY-2 year and are to be completed by the spring of the PGY-4 year.
  • Biannual reports are given by the resident and their mentor at designated RIP (research in progress) sessions.
  • In the intervening years, each resident learns such research processes as the literature search, preparing a budget, formulating a hypothesis, and creating data tables.
  • A formal presentation is given during our Senior Residents Day in the fall of the senior year. At that time, we invite a world leader in orthopaedics based on the subject of the resident's research project. This person is chosen by the resident and their mentor to be a discussant for the presentation. For example, in 2003 we had two papers reviewed by Dr. Stuart Weinstein (Ponseti Professor from the University of Iowa) and Anna Tosteson, ScD (Internal reviewer, The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth), Director of Orthopaedic Research and a world expert in cost effectiveness analysis and medical decision-making using Bayesian theory. Each resident takes advantage of Dartmouth's leadership in such fields as health outcomes research, decision-modeling and cost-effectiveness, and the papers were extremely well received.
  • Each paper is finalized for peer-reviewed publication.
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