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Our program focuses on the core knowledge, skills, and understanding of the following topics:

  • Basic sciences as relevant to the head and neck and the upper aerodigestive system
  • Communication sciences, including audiology, speech and language pathology and the voice sciences as they relate to laryngology
  • Allergy and immunology, anatomy and embryology, genetics, microbiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, endocrinology, and neurology as they relate to the head and neck

The educational program also includes the clinical aspects of diagnosis and the medical and/or surgical therapy for diseases, neoplasms, deformities, disorders and/or injuries of the ears, the upper respiratory and upper alimentary systems, the face, the jaws, and other head and neck systems.

Following completion of the educational program, residents should be prepared to serve as a comprehensive otolaryngologist:

  • Care for patients of all ages with medical and surgical disorders of the ears, the upper aerodigestive system and related structures of the head and neck
  • Carry out diagnostic evaluations of patients with otolaryngologic disorders
  • Carry out the surgical and nonsurgical management of otolaryngologic disorders, including rehabilitation and referral to subspecialists when appropriate

As a vital adjunct to the acquisition of the required medical knowledge and patient care skills, the resident will acquire the skills needed to practice medicine in a complex medical system. The interpersonal and communication skills needed for such a practice as well as expertise in systems-based practice are continually emphasized and evaluated throughout the residency. Proper professional behavior is fostered as the resident masters the essential skills of practice-based learning that will prepare him or her for a lifetime of learning.


The resident's research experience is well structured and closely monitored.

Leadership Preventive Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers a unique program in quality improvement, leadership and population health for residents and fellows already training at D-H. This program allows residents and fellows to obtain the MPH degree from The Dartmouth Institute, lead a practicum focused on improving care, and be able to sit for Boards in Preventive Medicine. If you are interested in more information on this program, please visit the Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency.

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