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Residents In This Section

Teaching Service

The teaching service at DHMC is under the close supervision of eight board-certified otolaryngologists.

The subspecialty areas represented include head and neck oncology, otology/neurotology, pediatric otolaryngology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, rhinology, as well as general otolaryngology.

Every patient seen in an outpatient or inpatient setting has an attending physician directly responsible for their care. There is no "resident" or "indigent" service. The resident team, under the direction of the chief resident and attending staff, rounds on and cares for all inpatients and consults on the otolaryngology service.

Working at D-HH

The Resident Team

Resident team

  • Otolaryngology PGY1 (Jan-June)
  • General Surgery Intern
  • DHMC Otolaryngology PGY-2, -3, -4
  • PGY5 (chief resident)
  • Physician’s Assistant (PA) resident

For the last six months of the academic year, the PGY-1 is on the Otolaryngology service. For four months, the PGY-3 is off-service on a two-month research block with elective time spent with Mohs Surgery and Plastic Surgery. For four months, the PGY-4 is off-service on the second two-month research block with additional time working with Endocrine Surgery, Allergy-Immunology or Sleep Medicine, and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. In the Chief's absence, the DHMC PGY-4 assumes leadership of the service.

Outpatient Clinics

The Otolaryngology Clinic at DHMC has 13 exam rooms and 5 Audiology booths. All exam rooms are fully equipped for otomicroscopy, flexible and rigid endoscopy, digital video imaging capabilities and minor procedures. One room is equipped with a videostroscopy unit which is used by the physicians within the section as well as speech pathology. Infrared video electronystagmography services, hearing aid fitting and cochlear implant programming are provided by the Audiology section within the Otolaryngology Division. Computerized dynamic platform posturography testing and vestibular rehabilitation is conducted in the Physical Therapy section within Rehabilitative Medicine Division.

The clinic runs each day of the week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Individual attending physicians are assigned to 2-3 clinic days per week and the physician assistant and nurse practitioner each see patients 5 days per week. Residents will be assigned to cover specific attending clinics by the chief resident and the program director according to educational needs. During this assigned time, the resident will see patients scheduled into a specific attending physician's clinic and will be under the direct supervision of the attending physician during the session. The chief resident will run his/her own private afternoon clinic weekly under the supervision of the physician on call.

Surgical Services

Surgical Services The Otolaryngology service operates in two locations on the DHMC campus: (1) The Main OR and (2) The Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC). Additional OR days are often requested and usually made available for urgent, trauma and oncology cases. All operative cases are staffed by and under the direct supervision of an attending physician. The Chief resident assigns resident coverage for OR cases. The senior residents also operate at the VA Medical Center in White River Junction with Dr. Ryan McCool and Dr. Louise Davies.

Inpatient and Consultation Services

Every inpatient and consult patient is under the care of an attending physician and the resident team. The resident team is led by the Chief resident. In the Chief's absence the DHMC PGY-4 is responsible. The Chief resident is responsible for leading and organizing morning and afternoon rounds and managing the care of every patient on the service under the direct supervision of an attending physician. Time is set aside in each attending physician's schedule to make morning rounds on their patients with the resident team. Weekend rounds are conducted by the on-call resident and attending physician.

Inpatient consultations are seen at the bedside, or if possible, the patient is transported to our clinic. Each consult is seen by a resident with attending physician supervision.

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