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Longitudinal Experience

Academic Time

Once per week, fellows are allotted a half-day to work on scholarly activity, attend didactics or communication training, work on a quality improvement project, and self-care. This time can also be used for required bereavement calls. The fellow will be expected to report progress and seek guidance from the Program Director during the regularly scheduled PD-Fellow meetings.

Palliative Care Clinic

We value giving the experience of longitudinal palliative care in an outpatient setting over volume of outpatient experience. In order to maximize this, we have designed an outpatient experience that occurs on a set afternoon each week. This allows fellows to meet new patients and follow patients longitudinally who are seen regularly on that day by other primary or specialist teams. Fellows will learn to integrate social work and chaplaincy into this setting. Fellows function as the "primary" clinician. In the case of death, fellows receive support from our bereavement program in calling bereaved family of their patient panel.

Social Work

This longitudinal experience is designed to allow a fellow to gain better understanding of palliative care from a skilled psychosocial team provider, from diagnosis through bereavement. Our social work team will provide a framework for psychosocial assessment and counseling for palliative care patients, and mentor in bereavement support after the death of each patient until the end of fellowship. Fellows will be part of joint visits with our inpatient and outpatient social workers.

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