Andres E. Mindiola Romero, MD

PGY-4, Chief Resident

Professional education

  • 2015, M.D. Universidad del Zulia Escuela de Medicina, Maracaibo, Venezuela


  • Mindiola-Romero AE, Green DC, Al-Turkmani MR, Godwin KN, Mackay AC, Tafe LJ, Ren B, Tsongalis GJ. Evaluation of a Cartridge-Based Assay to Assess Microsatellite Instability from FFPE Colorectal Cancer Tissues. Presented at Association for Molecular Pathology 2019 Meeting; Baltimore, MD. 11/09/2019.
  • Mindiola Romero AE, Tafe LJ. CTNNB1 Mutations and Co-mutations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Presented at 2020 USCAP Meeting; Los Angeles, CA. 03/04/2020.
  • J. Khan, A. E. Mindiola Romero, C. B. Martin, Z. Szczepiorkowski. Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency – Rare Indication for Chronic Red Blood Cell Exchange. Presented at ASFA 2020 Meeting; Austin, TX. 09/23/2020.
  • L. R. Walsh, C. Yuan, J. T. Boothe, H. E. Conway, A. E. Mindiola Romero, O. O. Barrett-Campbell, and F. Lansigan. Acute Myeloid Leukemia Presenting as Obstructive Jaundice – the Race to Diagnosis. Presented at NNECOS 2020 Meeting; Bretton Woods, NH. 2020.
  • B. A. Poore, R. Hamilton, S. Mahmood, A. Mindiola, S. Motanagh, R. Richards, M. A. Cervinski, R. D. Nerenz. Retrospective validation of the APE2 score in autoimmune encephalopathy evaluation panels. Presented at AACC Meeting 2020; Chicago, IL. 2020.
  • Mindiola Romero AE, Seigne JD, Tafe LJ. Lung Adenocarcinoma Metastatic to the Penile Shaft and Corona. Presented at CAP meeting abstracts published in Arch Pathol Lab Med; Las Vegas, NV. 2020.
  • Mindiola Romero AE, Green DC, Houde BE, Deharvengt SJ, Tsongalis GJ, Loo EY. Characterization of TP53 mutations in myeloid neoplasms. Presented at AMP Meeting 2020; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 08/15/2021.
  • B. A. Poore, R. Hamilton, S. Mahmood, A. Mindiola, S. Motanagh, R. Richards, M. A. Cervinski, R. D. Nerenz. Retrospective validation of the APE2 score in autoimmune encephalopathy evaluation panels. Presented at 72nd AACC Annual Scientific Meeting 2020; Chicago, IL. 12/16/2020.
  • Andres E. Mindiola Romero, Nancy M. Dunbar, Jenna Khan. Platelet Age Is Not Associated with Increased Transfusion Reaction Rates. Presented at AABB 2021 Virtual Meeting; Virtual. 10/19/2021.


  • Salazar J, Espinoza C, Mindiola A, Bermudez V. Data Mining and Endocrine Diseases: A New Way to Classify?. Archives of Medical Research. 2018; 49 (3) : 213-215.
  • Mindiola-Romero AE, Maloney N, Bridge JA, Korkolopoulou P, Sakellariou S, Linos K. A concise review of angiofibroma of soft tissue: A rare newly described entity that can be encountered by dermatopathologists. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. 09/30/2019; 47 : 1-7.
  • Andres E. Mindiola-Romero, Xiaoying Liu, Jessica L. Dillon, Michael Talarico, Geoffrey Smith, Lunsheng Zhang, Konstantinos Linos. Metastatic Low grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma After 24 Years: A Case Report and Review of Recent Molecular Genetics. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 01/01/2020; 24601 (49) : E99-E105.
  • Andres E. Mindiola-Romero, Donald C. Green, M. Rabie Al- Turkmani, Kelley N. Godwin, Anna C. Mackay, Laura J. Tafe, Bing Ren, Gregory J. Tsongalis. Novel Biocartis IdyllaTM Cartridge-Based Assay for Detection of Microsatellite Instability in Colorectal Cancer Tissues. Journal of Experimental Pathology. 2020; 116 (104519) : 1-4.
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  • Andres E. Mindiola-Romero, John D. Seigne, Deborah L. Ornstein. Plasma cell variant of Castleman Lymphadenopathy presenting radiographically as an adrenal mass. Urology Case Reports. 01/10/2021; 36 (101583) : 1-3.
  • Andres E Mindiola Romero, Candice C Black, Christopher R Jackson. Overcoming Educational Challenges and Impact of COVID-19 in a Pathology Residency Program. Academic Pathology. 02/25/2021; 8 : 1-5.
  • Walsh LR, Yuan C, Boothe JT, Conway HE, Mindiola-Romero AE, Barrett-Campbell OO, Yerrabothala S, Lansigan F. Acute myeloid leukemia with hepatic infiltration presenting as obstructive jaundice. Leukemia research reports. 05/24/2021; 15 : 100251.


  • Society of '67 Open Access Publication Award
    Awarded 12/23/2020
    Award from the Association of Pathology Chairs for the Manuscript titled "Overcoming Educational challenges and impact of COVID-19 in a Pathology Residency Program".
  • Outstanding Abstract Award for Trainees
    Awarded 10/19/2021
    Award from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for the Abstract titled "Platelet Age Is Not Associated with Increased Transfusion Reaction Rates".

Why I enjoy the pathology program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center 

The Pathology department at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center is exactly what I was looking for. A great environment with excellent people. I come from a country with pretty different Pathology residencies, this is an opportunity I truly feel blessed for. The staff are always looking for new ways to improve and to teach residents and fellows. They keep track of your progress to check that you are getting better. I would choose the Pathology program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center again.

About me

Andres is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. His personal interests include traveling, playing and listening to music. His professional interests include lab administration, pathology teaching and lab medicine advocacy. He will pursue Hematopathology and Transfusion Medicine fellowships, both at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico).