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At Dartmouth-Hitchcock, a large measure of didactic teaching is accomplished in the conference setting. Many of the conferences employ a Socratic teaching method, often with the expectation that residents have reviewed slides, photographs, or other material beforehand.

Several conferences, notably the Pathology Grand Rounds, are designed to present new medical facts and information and the results of ongoing research in a scholarly format. Interdepartmental conferences frequently involve clinicopathological correlations in which pathology residents directly contribute.

Departmental conferences

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

AP Staff/Resident Conference
Autopsy Organ Review
Breast Tumor Board
Cardiothoracic Tumor Board
Clinical Pathology Seminar
Clinical Pathology Rounds
Cutaneous Lymphoma Journal Club
Cytology Conference
Dermatopathology/Dermatology Grand Rounds
Dermatopathology Consensus Conference
ENT (Head & Neck) Academic Conference
ENT (Head & Neck) Tumor Board
Forensic Pathology Lecture Series
GI Biopsy Consensus Conference
GI Tumor Board
GU Tumor Board
GYN Oncology Tumor Board
GYN Pathology Residents Scope Conf.
Hematopathology Conference
Infectious Disease Case Conference
Journal Club
Liver Biopsy Conference
Lymphoma Tumor Board
Medicine Autopsy Conference
Melanoma Tumor Board
Morbidity & Mortality - Medicine
Muscle/Nerve Conference-QA (w/Neurology)
Neuropathology Conference
Neuropathology Consensus Conference
Neuropathology Didactic Conference
Neuropathology Gross Conference
Neuropathology/Oncology Tumor Board
Neuropathology Teaching Conference
Neuropathology Tumor Board
Orthopaedic Pathology Conference
Pediatric M&M
Pediatric Pathology Conference
Pediatric Tumor Board
Perinatal Pathology Conference
Radiology/Pathology Conference
Renal Curriculum Conference
Renal Pathology Conference
Research and Review Seminar
Surgical Pathology Gross Conference
Surgical Pathology Slide Review
Surgical Pathology Subspecialty Slide Conf
Thyroid Conference

Veterans Affairs Medical Center (if rotating at this facility)

Autopsy Organ Review
Director's Staff Conference
GI Path Conference
Hematopathology Conference
Laboratory Departmental Meetings
Tissue and Transfusion - Manchester, NH
Tumor Board
Clinical Executive Board
Clinical Executive - Manchester, NH
Operations and Invasives

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