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Residents In This Section

Confidential Reporting

If you have questions about suspected violations of the Code of Ethical Conduct or the EEO, Harassment and/or Disruptive Behavior policies, there are several resources available to you:

  • Your Department Leadership: You may share your questions or concerns with your supervisor or with a leader within your department. If you do not want to tell your manager or someone within the chain of authority, or you do not believe that they have taken appropriate action, you may use any of the following resources:
  • Employee Relations, Human Resources: A member of the Employee Relations team will be available to listen to concerns, discuss potential solutions, and make suggestions about what to do next. Employee Relations will also answer questions about D-H policies and help the resident find appropriate resources when needed. Employee Relations' general hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For assistance or to schedule an appointment, please call (603) 653-1570.  At the time of your call, we will take some initial information from you to determine which team member will best be able to work with you. 
    Director, Karen Aframe, (603) 653-1570
  • Office of General Counsel: (603) 650-5160
  • Compliance and Audit Services: (603) 650-3480 or Compliance&
  • Anonymous Reporting: If you are not comfortable using your name, you can share your concern anonymously:
    • D-H Compliance Help Line: 888-422-2084 – Dartmouth-Hitchcock has contracted with a third party to monitor this line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your call will be handled by a trained professional and a report of the call will be forwarded to Compliance and Audit Services for review and appropriate action. You may choose to remain anonymous or disclose your identity.
    • Occurrence with Learning (OWLs): Employees may also share a concern via the online Occurrence with Learning System, accessible through the Occurrence platform on the D-H intranet.
  • GME Resident Assistance: The Associate Dean of GME and the Administrative Director are available to discuss any issue of concern to residents. We maintain an open door policy and are happy to address questions or concerns in a confidential manner. GME acts as an advocate for residents and acts to promote and maintain their well-being and, when necessary, rehabilitation. As noted above, confidentiality of residents will be paramount.

In addition, employees seeking free and confidential counseling advice may contact our Employee Assistance Program: Lebanon at (603) 650-5819,, and all other locations, KGA EAP at 800-648-9557 or

Please remember to share with colleagues these options for reporting problems so we can make Dartmouth-Hitchcock even better tomorrow.