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Resident/Fellow Benefits

The following benefits apply to benefits eligible Resident/Fellows.

Medical/prescription insurance

Resident/fellows are eligible for one D-H medical plan — the $0 Deductible PPO Plan. Following is an overview of the coverage provided by the $0 Deductible PPO Plan.

Dental insurance

Coverage is provided by Northeast Delta Dental. There are 2 levels, basic and enhanced. Coverage begins on the first day of your agreement.

Short-term disability (STD) insurance

The benefits program provides resident/fellows with STD coverage equal to 100% of base salary for up to 90 days. This benefit begins immediately following The Hartford's determination of disability.

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance

The benefits program provides resident/fellows with basic LTD coverage equal to 80% of base salary, to a maximum benefit of $3,750 per month. The Hartford determines eligibility and medical necessity for LTD. If approved, LTD payments begin immediately following the date STD payments end.

Life insurance benefits*

The benefits program provides resident/fellows with the following Life and AD&D insurance at no cost.

Resident/fellows basic life insurance:

  • 1x salary to a maximum of $100,000 Resident/Fellows Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

* Resident/fellows Basic Life and AD&D insurance coverage reduces by 50% at age 70.

Professional liability coverage

Professional liability coverage is provided to all residents and fellows by the Hamden Assurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. Primary limits are $1 million each claim and $3 million aggregate. Residents and fellows are covered by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Professional Liability Policy only when practicing within the scope of their Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital employment. For more information, see Malpractice Insurance and Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions.

Flexible spending account

As a resident/fellow you may be eligible for our Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) accounts.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Employee Investment Plan — 403(b) Plan

Resident/fellows are eligible to participate in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Employee Investment Plan – the 403(b) Plan. You may save up to 100% of your income per year, subject to IRS maximums**, through:

  • 403(b) Pre-tax contributions,
  • 403(b) Roth After-tax contributions, or
  • A combination of both types of savings.

** In 2018, the IRS contribution limit is $18,500 for employees under age 50. Employees age 50 or older during the year may save up to an additional $6,000 in "catch-up" contributions.

Additional benefits


Residents and fellows at all levels are given the following as paid time per training year:

  • 15 vacation days
  • 5 flex days

There is no roll-over or accumulation of paid time off, all vacation, flex days and holiday comp days must be taken in the current training year.

On-call meals

On-call meal funds will be distributed to D-H meal card(s) twice each year at 6 month intervals (July 1st, January 1st) for those trainees taking D-H Overnight In-House or D-H Home Call as per the guidelines below:

D-H Overnight In-House Call:
Residents/fellows scheduled for overnight, in-house call at D-H will be provided meal money. Meal funds for "D-H Overnight In-House” call are calculated based on the previous year's average call by Program/PGY year (as reported in MedHub via Amion).

D-H Home Call:
Residents/fellows whom are scheduled to home call will be provided meal money. Meal funds are calculated based on the previous year’s average reported “home call- called in” of three or more consecutive hours by Program/PGY year (as reported in MedHub via Amion).

Offsite In-House or Home Call:
Residents/fellows will not receive meal money when scheduled to take call at any offsite location.

If you experience any issues with your meal card or have questions concerning your monthly meal card allowance, please call 5-5748.


Four lab coats are provided to all Residents and Fellows at the beginning of training. We offer Poly/Cotton, unisex-sized coats embroidered with the DHMC logo (CHaD, Vascular and Norris Cotton Cancer logos are also available), name and specialty. Laundry services are provided and a drop box for soiled coats is located in the Resident Call area. Coats are automatically replaced if badly stained and/or damaged. Laundered items are returned to the rack located inside the Resident Call room.

Scrubs are handled at the departmental level, please contact your Program Coordinator for more information.

Education fund

Each resident is given $300 per training year to be used for items of an educational nature such as textbooks, educational conferences, conference travel and accommodations, subscriptions, membership in educational societies and Step 3 exam fees. You may submit receipts for approved educational expenses and request reimbursement through your program coordinator. Funds are available at the start of the fiscal year, which is July 1. These funds do not roll over from year to year. Additional funds may be available based on department specific educational resources; for more information, please contact the departments program coordinator.


Free parking space is available throughout the Hospital premises and off-site locations are provided. Security and Parking maintains shuttle bus services to lots 9, 20, and between DHMC campus sites. The Security shuttle bus continues to return riders to Lot 20 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm from the East entrance. After 11:00 pm call the Security Department at beeper 9381 for a ride to Lot 20.

Child care

DHMC has an on-site Child Care Center designed to care for the children of benefits-eligible employees and residents and fellows. It includes eight classrooms, two large indoor play areas and two separate outdoor playgrounds. Adjacent to the Medical Center, it can accommodate children from six weeks to kindergarten. A highly qualified staff provides professional care from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday. There is a sliding fee scale based upon your income and payroll deduction is available. Those interested in this care should apply as early as possible by calling (603) 643-6504.

Call rooms

If you need a place to stay and rest while on call there are call rooms available on the fifth floor. Departments that take call often have their own designated rooms. There are also a number of “float rooms” available for anyone to use in both the resident/fellow and medical student hallways. If you need assistance finding these rooms, please email or call 603-650-5748.

Taxi service

Taxi services are offered to residents and fellows who are too fatigued to drive themselves home after a shift. D.A.S.H. Transportation Company is a local taxi service available to residents and fellows from DHMC to your home within 15 miles of campus. D.A.S.H. Transportation is a 24/7 Service paid for by the GME office.


The Hitchcock Foundation’s Residents Revolving Loan Fund offers small interest-free emergency loans to assist with living expenses. Repayment can be deferred until completion of training at this Hospital. Those interested should visit The Hitchcock Foundation’s website.

Bereavement leave

D-H authorizes up to the equivalent of one work week of bereavement time with pay to an employee who has experienced a death or death(s) in their immediate family (i.e., an employee regularly scheduled to work 40 hours each week receives up to 40 hours of bereavement time, an employee scheduled to work 20 hours per week receives up to 20 hours of bereavement time). The absence may be used over an extended period of time at the supervisor’s discretion.

Immediate family is inclusive of: spouse; child, step-child; parent, step-parent, parent-in-law; grandparent; grandchild; brother, step-brother, brother-in-law; sister, step-sister, sister-in-law; son-in-law; or daughter-in-law.

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