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Residents In This Section

Call Schedule

The chief resident is responsible for the call schedule.

ACGME rules

  • Max 80-hour per week average over four weeks.
  • Presumed hours 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • One in 7 days free of patient care responsibilities averaged over a four-week period.
  • Call no more frequently than every third night averaged over a four-week period.
  • 24-hour limit for on-call duty in house. Additional six hours for transfer of care. No new patients or OR cases during that 30 hours.
  • 10-hour minimum rest between duty periods.
  • Please tell us if you have been up all night or are about to break one of the other rules.
  • If you are asked to go home, PLEASE LEAVE.
  • Hours will be logged into e-value and need to be logged no later than seven days after the end of month. This will be monitored by our residency coordinator and the GME office.

The GME policy for reporting non-compliance and administrative action

  • "A standard threshold for administrative action in response to reporting non-compliance is adopted across all Dartmouth-Hitchcock programs with the following thresholds and administrative actions:"
  • "For duty hours calendars not completed within seven days of month's end an email, notification of non-compliance will be automatically sent to the resident, the residency coordinator and the program director."
  • "Receipt of three notifications of reporting non-compliance in any given academic year will generate a letter of concern from the director of GME to be placed in the resident's QA file citing a pattern of reporting non-compliance that reflects negatively on the resident physician's professionalism."
  • Continued reporting non-compliance following receipt of a letter of concern will trigger a review by the GME duty hours subcommittee and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal."
  • "The GME confidential system will be available for confidential reporting and/or guidance regarding issues related to duty hours. The system will forward all reports to the designated resident representative on the duty hours committee."
  • "A specific question addressing the issue of faculty encouraging residents to misrepresent their duty hours, work beyond their hours, or otherwise violate duty hours requirements should be incorporated into the vehicle used by residents to evaluate faculty in every Dartmouth-Hitchcock program. If for any reason a resident is uncomfortable utilizing this option then the GME confidential system should be used as a confidential avenue for reporting this issue."

Further information

  • On-call room is available.
  • Call may be taken from home (30-minute rule).
  • The resident covers both hospitals (MHMH and VA). Rounds are made with the attending on the weekend days at both hospitals. The resident should also make afternoon/evening rounds.
  • Any resident who switches call is responsible to notify Katherine Stender or the administrative assistant with changes. The administrative assistant then notifies the operator, etc.
  • If any resident leaves the hospital for any reason during the day the office secretaries and the chief resident should be notified.
  • It is the responsibility of the Chief/Senior Resident to post EACH day, on the call board, who is on call for that day. This is the person with the on-call beeper. The person listed on the board will be responsible to take emergent calls. If they are in the OR the attending needs to release the resident to deal with the emergency. If the board is empty the chief resident will be called.
  • Moonlighting
    • Neither condoned nor condemned. Residency is considered a full-time commitment.
    • You must have the program director's permission.
    • Permission will not be given if you score less than the 50th percentile on the inservice.
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