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Residents In This Section

Clinic Trips and Meetings

New Hampshire Urologic Society

Dinner meeting twice a year in Manchester. Residents are welcome to attend. Please discuss cases suitable for presentation with the attending of record.

Annual American Urological Association / New England Section American Urological Association, others

Residents are encouraged to submit abstracts following discussion with the appropriate faculty. Generally residents are given permission to attend a meeting if their abstract is accepted. Prior to submitting abstracts for meetings in exotic locations, check with the program director/section chief. Attendance is at the discretion of the program director and/or section chief. If approved, this does not count against vacation time.

Review courses/industry-sponsored courses

A resident may be permitted to attend a course or meeting where they are not presenting; however, residents must submit a time-away request at least 90 days prior to travel for such meetings. Consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis to allow a resident to attend without using vacation time. The section will not provide funds to pay for any portion of the costs for such meetings or courses. However, each resident will be provided a one-time grant (only once in the resident's career here) to attend a review course. Residents are encouraged to attend a course as a PGY 4. These funds must be requested prior to attending the course, and the Program Director should be consulted as early as possible.

International electives

Residents may be permitted to do electives in underserved or developing nations. The resident will be asked to submit a proposal to the program director. The proposal will outline the purpose of the elective, information about the sponsoring institution and supervising urologist, and proposed length of the trip. Residents may be asked to use vacation time to cover all or part of the proposed time away and we will not fund the trip.

Meeting/driving expenses

Expenses for the AUA and for New England Section will be provided if the resident has a paper accepted. Residents are expected to book airfares well in advance. The institution's rules for reimbursement will apply.

Mileage to and from Concord for the Concord rotation is not provided.

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