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Residents In This Section

Other Policies

Dress code

Appropriate dress is essential when in contact with patients and visitors.


Residents orient intern and medical students to the service. New medical students should not be sent directly to the clinic. A chief or senior resident is responsible for introducing interns and medical students to the administrative assistant, residency coordinators, secretaries, nurses and faculty. The senior resident shall notify the surgical coordinator of interns' upcoming vacation plans while on the Urology rotation.

Laboratory and X-ray results

The resident requesting laboratory or X-ray testing should document on the requisition their name and the attending's name. If the resident follows up on the results, it must be documented in the EMR.


OR lockers are assigned to all new residents for the length of the residency.


The Section of Urology pays membership dues to the American Urological Association, Inc. which includes the Journal of Urology. The residency coordinator processes this payment. If you receive an invoice at your home address, please bring it to her for payment and processing.

Office resources and personnel

Computers are located in the Residents' Office. Please do not use the secretaries' computers. Dartmouth-Hitchcock is obligated to adhere to a very strict computer user policy.

Support personnel are available to assist residents and faculty. The surgical coordinator is available to assist with pre-op, surgical bookings and precertification.

Operating room

Operative note dictation is discussed and assigned in the operating room. Ideally, op notes are dictated the day the case is done. Cases are also logged into the ACGME website.


Residents are assigned a TDX (long distance telephone access code) upon arrival at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.


Residents are allowed three weeks of vacation per year, including weekends. A vacation request form should be filled out and submitted for approval at least 30 days in advance in order to address clinic schedules. Only one resident's request will be approved at a time, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Residents will discuss the request with the chief resident before submitting the request to the program director.

We expect all residents (including chief residents) to work up to July 1 at their present PGY level. Chief residents who are doing a fellowship will be granted vacation time to move prior to July 1. Generally no other vacation request will be approved the last two weeks of June or the first two weeks of July.

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