Residents & Fellows Orientation

2023 New Residents & Fellows GME Orientation dates

New Residents (PGY-1)

June 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

New Residents & Fellows (PGY-2+)

July 10, 11, and 12

All new residents and fellows are required to attend a mandatory graduate medical education (GME) institutional orientation before beginning the training year. This includes orientation for first-year residents and fellows (PGY-1) and second-year residents and fellows (PGY-2) and above.

PGY-1 orientation

Orientation for PGY-1's is routinely scheduled for the third week in June.

PGY-2 and above orientation

Orientation for PGY-2’s and above is the second week of July.

Prior to orientation

An Occupational Medicine pre-employment drug screening and criminal background check are required components of GME onboarding for residents and fellows as well as for visiting residents. These items, as well as all other required onboarding items, must be completed and approved before being permitted to attend orientation.

Residents and fellows beginning their training off-cycle as well as visiting residents and fellows from other institutions are required to attend general orientation on their first day of training prior to providing patient care.