Associated Resident Council

Mission statement

The Associated Resident Council (ARC) is the Dartmouth-Hitchcock association for residents and fellows. The purpose and goals of the Associated Resident Council shall be multifaceted, including but is not limited to:

  1. Representing the interests and concerns of the training residents at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H).
  2. Promoting harmonious relations and collaborations among the residents, and D-H faculty and staffs.
  3. Creating a forum for residents to pursue social, educational, academic, research, regulatory, advocacy, and volunteer interests.
  4. Developing a community and network for training residents.


  • The resident must be in good standing with his or her program and with GME.
  • Per ACGME’s guidelines, ARC representatives should be voluntary and must be self-nominated, or nominated by peers.
    • The annual nomination process may be managed by chief residents at the discretion of the program.
    • The annual list of nominees must be collected and approved by the program directors.
  • The resident should have some interest in medical education or academic education.

General guidelines

  • The number of ARC representatives will be dependent on the size of the core specialty program.
  • For each core specialty, up to 1-2 representatives may come from the corresponding subspecialty (For example a Cardiology fellow for Internal Medicine’s ARC representatives).
  • All core specialty programs may elect ARC representatives in all year level (including current residents and fellows, incoming PGY-1s and fellows, and transferring residents).
  • The list of ARC representatives should be emailed to GME prior to the GMEC June Meeting of each academic year.
    • Programs may reserve 1 slot for incoming residents to be named by the GMEC July meeting of each academic year.
  • The ARC will present progress updates at GMEC semiannually (usually in January/Feb and June/July GMEC meetings).

Duties and responsibilities

  • The ARC representative shall serve as the primary representative for his or her respective specialty at the ARC meetings.
  • ARC meetings will be held approximately three times per semester (six meetings total), depending upon the agenda of the academic year, which be determined by the annual ARC resident survey.
  • The ARC representative will serve on sub-committees based on the agenda of the academic year.
  • The selected ARC representative must be able to attend at least 50% of ARC meetings; when attendance is not possible, an alternative representative must be designated for that meeting.
  • The ARC representative shall circulate GME- and ARC-related announcements and/or pertinent events to his or her respective colleagues.
  • The ARC representative will be eligible for appointment to D-H’s special subcommittees.