Resident Committees

Associated Resident Council (ARC) committees for events, resident life, didactics, leadership, and benefits:

Social committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating get-together events for residents and fellows. This committee will plan the annual parties: End-of-the-Year party for graduating residents and fellows, and Beginning-of-the-Year party to welcome the incoming residents and fellows. The committee may also elect to plan an annual formal event.

Resident life committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating residency-related at-large topics (not specific to any particular specialty), such as the resident call-room, ways to improve eD-H, at-large nursing issues, or at-large laboratory issues. In addition, the committee will work with the Office of Employee Wellbeing's Lifestyle Improvement Program and Employee Assistant Program to coordinate well-being resources for residents and fellows. Some ideas in the past year have included having more yoga sessions, or pet therapy for residents.

Didactics committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating medical education topics. This committee will work closely with the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Curriculum Subcommittee (Chair: Kelly Kieffer, MD) to facilitate resident education training, research opportunities (e.g. research symposium), and/or teaching modules to improve the role of residents and fellows as teachers to medical students, or in preparation to being an attending. Along with GME Curriculum Subcommittee, this committee will also coordinate the speakers and events for the D-Hx Professional Development Series.

Diversity and inclusion committee

This is a new committee, working with the new Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Stephanie White.