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Vyacheslav "Slava" Makler, DO

Chief Resident

Medical School
DO: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Parker, CO, 2014
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
I started my career in neurosurgery in 2001 during my neurosurgery rotation as a PA student in Staten Island, NY. Even though I was introduced to the field by chance, I quickly fell in love with it during my rotation. I completed a PA post-grad surgical residency in 2003, and began my employment as a neurosurgical PA until I went to med school in 2010 with a single goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. I was fortunate to be selected for the Navy's HPSP, and even more fortunate to be civilian deferred to neurosurgery training. Joining the Navy was my way of paying back to this wonderful country that took my family in during the time of need with $250 to our name between the five of us. I love what I do. Becoming a neurosurgeon has been my dream for a very long time. I transferred to DHMC mid-cycle in January of 2017 as a PGY 3. During my interview dinner, I was picked up by the then chief resident. Talking to him and then meeting the rest of the residents solidified my decision to come here. DHMC is a small program with a long history. The faculty is very respectful of us and we are of them. They go above and beyond on a daily basis training us how to become neurosurgeons. Most of the time training is in a form of graduated learning where you are always pushed to do better.
Interests outside of the hospital
Spending time with my wife and children, sleeping, paintball, cycling.

Daniel R. Calnan, MD, PhD


Medical School
MD: Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, 2014
Doctorate Education
PhD: Stanford University, Stanford, CA (Cancer Biology), 2010
Undergraduate Education
BS: Williams College, Williamstown, MA (Chemistry, Biology), 2004
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
The Dartmouth/Hanover region has always appealed to me. I grew up in western Massachusetts and have always enjoyed a rural setting. Dartmouth College was actually one of my top choices for college and shares many similarities to Williams College (my undergraduate institution) in terms of setting. Neurosurgery residency is a 7-year commitment and it was important to me to be in a place that I would be happy with outside of hospital duties. The program itself really appealed to me during my Sub-I due to the great research being conducted as well as the general “feel” of the program. Everyone here had an interest in teaching residents how to be proficient surgeons. The attendings and residents did not have malignant personalities and made coming to work exciting.
Interests outside of the hospital
Spending time with my wife, sleeping, eating, playing with dogs.

Imad S. Khan, MB, BS


Medical School
MB, BS: Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan, 2010 (graduated with honors)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neurosurgery
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, LA, PI: Dr. Anil Nanda (2011-12); Vanderbilt University Medical Center, TN, PI: Dr. Robert Singer (2012-13)
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
We have state of the art facilities and a great training atmosphere set in beautiful northern New England. There is a collegial nature among the people here, not just in Neurosurgery, but the entire institution.
Interests outside of the hospital
Spending time with my wife and children, playing the guitar, hiking, reading.

John H. Kanter, MD


Medical School
MD: Florida State University College of Medicine-Pensacola, FL, 2016 (AOA)
Undergraduate Education
BA: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Anthropology) 2011
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
We have a very cohesive group. The residents are what makes this program great along with dedicated faculty that have our best interests at heart and want us to have successful careers while finding new, innovative ways to advance the field of neurosurgery. We have a duty and privilege to care for people when they are at their worst. It is an honor to work with my colleagues and friends every day.
Interests outside of the hospital
Cooking a variety of cuisines, currently French. Maintaining a 150-year old house.

James "Jack" Lee, MD


Medical School
MD: UT Southwestern Medical School, Houston, TX, 2017
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Here at Dartmouth there is a strong tradition of innovation and commitment to advancing the field of neurosurgery through research and patient outreach.
Interests outside of the hospital
Spending time with my fiancee, hiking, working on my Jeep and woodworking.

Julio D. Montejo, Jr., MD, MHS


Medical School
MD, MHS: Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, 2018
Undergraduate Education
BA: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (Mathematics), 2010
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
The people, the environment, and the opportunities. I am married and have a son. Indeed, the Upper Valley is a wonderful area to raise kids and experience nature. I was born in Guatemala, but my family immigrated to Los Angeles when I was three years old. I am the fifth of six siblings, including five brothers and one sister. My older sister was the first to attend college, Mount Holyoke College. My older brothers attended Whitman College and Columbia University, and my little brother attended Whitman College as well.
Interests outside of the hospital
Firstly, soccer. I have played since I was a young kid (goalkeeper and central defender). Secondly, music. I started playing electric guitar in high school (favorite artists include Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix) and classical piano in college (favorite composers include Beethoven and Chopin).

Caitlin A. Payne, MD


Medical School
MD: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine – Upper Peninsula (Marquette), 2019
Undergraduate Education
BA: Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI (Biomedical sciences), 2014
Why I Chose Dartmouth-Hitchcock
A multitude of reasons – the location with a great patient population to care for and learn from, the rural setting which I grew up in, the intimacy of a small program, the opportunities to work with collaborators at Dartmouth College and to teach students, and of course, and most importantly because of the staff and residents I met during my interview. I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in a small town with a patient population similar to those in New Hampshire. I completed the Rural Physician Program, with certification in leadership in rural medicine as well as Outdoor Emergency Care and National Ski Patrol training, which I saw as a great opportunity to help people in the Upper Valley. The hospital I trained in was a tertiary care facility like DHMC, and I can’t say enough good about the learning opportunities in such a setting – when people come to these places, they really need your help…and that is so humbling.
Interests outside of the hospital
Prior to medical school, I was a musician. Although I am not classically trained, I play the guitar, sing, and have recorded an album. I have not played a show in quite a sometime, but music will always be a love and release for me. I have a dachshund-golden retriever mix named Poppy, whom I consider a human child, so I would list her as a high priority on my interest list. My husband and I enjoy all things outdoors from kayaking to hiking to sailing. And, how could I forget to mention, he plays hockey for a living, so sports are a common topic of conversation in our home…even though I would never declare myself knowledgeable about the happenings of the sports world. Lastly, I have four sisters, each of whom I talk to nearly every day. Making sure we share in our good times and bad from miles apart will always be important to me.

The seven-year Dartmouth-Hitchcock Neurosurgery Residency admits, and typically graduates, one resident per year. Below please find a complete list of program graduates since the program's inception.

  • 2019

    Brandon Root, MD

  • 2018

    Jennifer Hong, MD

  • 2017

    Linton Evans, MD

  • 2016

    Kimon Bekelis, MD

  • 2015

    Wesley Whitson, MD

  • 2014

    George Kakoulides, MD

  • 2013

    Atman Desai, MD

  • 2012

    William "BJ" Spire, MD

  • 2011

    Tarek Radwan, MD

  • 2010

    Symeon Missios, MD

  • 2009

    S. Scott Lollis, MD

  • 2007

    Patricia Quebada, MD

  • 2006

    Kendall Lee, MD, PhD

  • 2005

    Dimitrios Nikas, MD

  • 2004

    Henry Pallatroni, MD

  • 2003

    Achilles Papavasiliou, MD

  • 2002

    Hulda Magnadottir, MD

  • 2001

    James McInerney, MD

  • 2001

    Srinivasan Purighalla, MD

  • 1999

    Todd Maugans, MD

  • 1998

    Grant Shumaker, MD

  • 1997

    Harold Pikus, MD

  • 1996

    Kimberly Harbaugh, MD

  • 1995

    Philip Yazbak, MD

  • 1993

    Brian Holmes, MD

  • 1992

    Peter Dempsey, MD

  • 1991

    Perry Ball, MD

  • 1990

    Richard Toselli, MD

  • 1989

    Ralph Reeder, MD

  • 1988

    Gerald Kennedy, MD

  • 1987

    Thorir Ragnarsson, MD

  • 1986

    Candace Carlson, MD

  • 1985

    Robert Harbaugh, MD

  • 1984

    Christopher Shaiberger, MD

  • 1982

    David Roberts, MD

  • 1981

    Steven Toutant, MD

  • 1980

    James Kenning, MD

  • 1979

    Noel Eboh, MD

  • 1978

    Percy Ballentine, MD

  • 1977

    Bernard Zumpano, MD

  • 1976

    Thomas Lyons, MD

  • 1975

    John Woodford, MD

  • 1974

    Samuel Greenblatt, MD

  • 1973

    Bruce Harris, MD

  • 1972

    Wojciech Bogdanowicz, MD

  • 1971

    Bjarni Hannesson, MD

  • 1970

    Richard Saunders, MD

  • 1969

    Eric Ellington, MD

  • 1968

    Richard Thorp, MD

  • 1967

    Aykut Erbengi, MD

  • 1966

    John O'Loughlin, MD

  • 1965

    Vito Ciminello, MD

  • 1964

    Ronald Birkenfeld, MD

  • 1964

    Arnold Goran, MD

  • 1960

    Zinnur Rollas, MD

  • 1960

    Jules Ladenheim, MD

  • 1959

    Nurhan Avman, MD

  • 1959

    Jung Kim, MD

  • 1958

    David Barry, MD

  • 1956

    Merle Killian, MD

  • 1956

    Walter Zerbe, MD

  • 1953

    Gian-Fortunat Hoessley, MD

  • 1951

    Ernest Sachs Jr., MD

  • 1950

    Kenneth Cummings, MD

  • 1949

    Eldon Foltz, MD