Stipend Levels

Graduate Medical Education (GME) stipend levels are paid commensurate with the responsibility of training position. All residents and fellows at the same Graduate Level will be paid at the same stipend level. Only RRC defined prerequisite years of training for the current training program are applicable towards the stipend level. Incentive pay for residents and fellows joining any training program is not allowed.

2023 to 2024 GME stipend levels (effective 1/7/2024)

Post-graduate year Stipend
PGY-1 $68,350
PGY-2 $71,788
PGY-3 $74,469
PGY-4 $78,124
PGY-5 $82,258
PGY-6 $86,029
PGY-7 $90,352
PGY-8 $93,565