Infectious Disease Fellowship

Infectious Disease Fellowship Team

The fellowship program in Infectious Disease at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) is designed to prepare internists for the diverse career opportunities in the field of infectious diseases.

Our Infectious Disease Fellowship Program offers comprehensive clinical infectious disease (ID) training (General, Transplant, HIV, Critical Care, Orthopedics, International and Travel, Infection Control) and has many offerings for additional focus in research and academics. Our traditional fellowship is a two-year program with 12 months of clinical ID and the other 12 months doing elective and research, including international work.

The DHMC ID program is unique in that fellows have the opportunity to apply for combined ID-MPH-Preventive Medicine program in the Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency (LPMR) Program through the prestigious Dartmouth Institute. With this three-year program, fellows are board eligible in ID and Preventive Medicine and get an MPH (tuition free), while being paid a fellow salary. The Preventive Medicine Residency offers fellows skills in quality improvement, leadership and population health where they lead a practicum focused on improving care.

Fellows also have the opportunity to explore a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine after completion of their two years of ID training.

We have numerous opportunities for research and training in Global Health. Our faculty are currently active in Tanzania, Rwanda, Haiti, and Peru. Additional opportunities may be available through the many Global Health programs at Dartmouth College and The John Sloan Dickey Center.

New in 2020: Fellows rotate at the White River Junction VA Medical Center with excellent ID staff there. This adds an additional diversity of experience to the ID fellowship experience!

Former trainees are very successful, having 100% board pass rate in the past 5 years, with careers in academic and private practice all over the globe.

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The fellowship program in Infectious Disease at DHMC is designed to prepare internists for the diverse career opportunities in the field of infectious diseases.

Program aims

  1. Maintain an academic environment in which the trainee can develop clinical and research skills in infectious diseases and acquire the competency of a specialist in the field of infectious diseases.
  2. Provide an emphasis on appropriate training and experience that will provide a solid foundation for successful careers in academic medicine, an ID related public health career, or clinical practice.
  3. Provide an environment that allows for development of competency in compassionate clinical care of patients with infectious diseases, both in the inpatient and outpatient settings.
  4. Provide a curriculum that allows the trainee to develop an understanding of racial, ethnic, gender, ethical, socioeconomic, and medical/legal issues which impact patient care and research.
  5. Provide the opportunity to gain experience in clinical or basic investigation of infectious diseases.
  6. Provide an environment that allows the trainee to develop the skills to collaborate and communicate with other health care professionals to provide individual patient-centered care and to develop systems to facilitate provision of patient-centered care.

The DHMC ID section is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensuring all people and populations feel supported in medical practice, training, and patient care.