How to Apply

Positions available

We offer two 4-year positions with our fully integrated program.

Matched applicants will begin their training in June.

Application deadline

Applications are due by September 6th by end of business day (5 pm eastern). Late applications will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Invitations for interviews will be sent by email through the San Francisco Match Program (SF Match) by mid-October based upon SF Match’s timeline. Interviews will be conducted in November.

Application format

We accept applications through the Central Application Service (CAS), which is offered by the Ophthalmology Residency Matching Program (OMP). The OMP is run by SF Match.

Paper applications will not be accepted.

Application requirements

  • Completed SF Match application
  • Supplemental application statement
  • For international medical graduates (this includes US applicants attending medical schools outside of the US as well as non-US citizens applying from non-US medical schools): Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) report and certificate. In order to participate in an accredited Graduate Medical Education clinical training program at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, foreign national physicians must seek ECFMG sponsorship as a J-1 exchange visitor.

For more information, please view the GME Eligibility and Selection page.

Supplemental application statement

As a new program, we appreciate that you may not know much about our institution and our training program. Nevertheless, we want to understand what motivates your interest in our program specifically. In a paragraph, please describe your interest in moving to northern New England and joining the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center medical community for your ophthalmology training.

Please include your SF Match ID and your name in the document and email your supplemental application statement as a PDF attachment to

Diversity and inclusion

Our program strongly supports and promotes the Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Dartmouth Health missions on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Please see the following links for additional information: