Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship

Erik Kobylarz, CNP Fellowship Program Director, in the CSI
Erik Kobylarz, CNP Fellowship Program Director, in the CSI for IOM

Clinical neurophysiology (CNP) is an area of medicine in which selected neurological disorders involving central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems and muscles are assessed, monitored, and treated using a combination of clinical evaluation and electrophysiological testing.

The Department of Neurology is pleased to offer an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited fellowship training opportunity in this subspecialty.


Our mission is to guide and educate physicians as they develop the skills and expertise to perform and interpret high-quality and safe clinical neurophysiological studies for patients. We seek to train physicians to continuously improve their education and academic or clinical practice such that they can perform and interpret neurodiagnostic studies independently upon completion of their training.

Program aims

  • To train physicians to practice independently in the field of CNP, i.e., performance and interpretation of CNP studies and their application for the evaluation and treatment of patients in the clinical setting.
  • To foster academic curiosity and capabilities in the field of CNP.
  • To train physicians for academic/clinical practice in CNP.

This fellowship covers:

  • EMG/neuromuscular diseases, including autonomic testing and chemodenervation, and both basic and special EMG/NCS testing
  • EEG/epilepsy, including IOM and evoked potentials, and specialized skills such as cortical mapping and video monitoring
A video introduction from Dr. Kobylarz, Program Director
A video introduction from Tobi Cooney, Program Coordinator