Related Programs

Acute Pain Service

Our learners rotate regularly on the Acute Pain Service acquiring skills necessary for the management of patients suffering acute traumatic or surgical injuries.

Addiction Medicine

Our fellows have a unique experience in Addiction Medicine acquiring the knowledge necessary to treat chronic pain patients who also suffer from the disease addiction.

Headache and Neurology

Our trainees spend two weeks working with our headache specialist neurologists who are leaders in their field both nationally and internationally. They acquire the skills necessary to diagnose and treat headaches on a fundamental basis.

Hospice and Palliative Medicine

All our fellows participate in a Hospice and Palliative Medicine rotation. Our Palliative Medicine service is a world-renowned Palliative Medicine service led by Dr. Maxwell Vergo. Our trainees have a unique experience with increasing levels of responsibility in the care of patients with advanced and serious illnesses.


Our trainees spend a week with our Neuroradiologist colleagues becoming proficient in the evaluation of x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans of the spine and brain. This is an invaluable experience laying a foundation for future evaluation of patients that are so commonly seen in our centers.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our fellows spend two weeks with our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists caring for patients with spinal cord injuries and other functionally limiting illnesses and learning the application of physical medicine skills to the improved functional outcome of our patients with chronic pain.


Our learners have a longitudinal experience with our psychologists and psychiatrists understanding behavioral interventions and learning to perform psychiatric and psychological examinations important in diagnosing psychological and psychiatric illnesses.

Spine Medicine

Our fellows spend time rotating with our spine surgeons and spine medicine physicians in a highly specialized Center for Pain and Spine combining a functional restoration program, surgical, procedural, and behavioral interventions for our patients suffering from spine conditions.

Veteran's Administration

Trainees spend one-quarter of their time working at the White River Junction Veteran’s Administration Hospital Pain Center led by Dr. Julie Franklin. Dr. Franklin, an anesthesiologist, is highly skilled in all aspects of chronic and acute pain management.