Core Faculty

Core faculty of the Palliative Care Fellowship are involved in the majority of fellow training, and are board-certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

We are fortunate to have strong institutional support and have a spectrum of associated faculty from within our own interdisciplinary palliative care team or other primary disciplines that help enrich the fellowship experience by mentoring electives or participating in didactic sessions.

Program leadership

  • Maxwell T. Vergo, MD, FAAHPM (Director of Palliative Medicine Education, Program Director of the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship)
  • Lisa A. Stephens, APRN, MSN (Associate Program Director of the Interprofessional Fellowship Program and Lead Nurse Practitioner)
  • Jonathan Jolin, MD (Associate Physician Program Director, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center/VA Palliative Care Clinician)


  • Christopher Ahern, DO
  • Amber E. Barnato, MD, MPH, MS (Director, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice, Susan J and Richard M Levy 1960 Distinguished Professor in Health Care Delivery at The Dartmouth Institute, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Palliative Care Physician)
  • Kathleen Broglio, APRN, DNP, ANP-BC, ACHPN, CPE, FPCN (Lead Faculty and Co-Director, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Palliative Care Regional ECHO series; Co-Director, Dartmouth's Serious Illness Symptom Management Program)
  • Mary Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Byrnes, LICSW (Inpatient Licensed medical Social Worker and Continuing Care Manager)
  • Amelia M. Cullinan, MD (Interim Section Chief, Palliative Medicine)
  • Sarah Durante, MD (Combined PM and R/HPM Faculty)
  • Sarah Guarda, LICSW (Continuing Care Manager)
  • Kathryn B. Kirkland, MD (Interim Chair, Department of Medicine; Director, Palliative Medicine, Dorothy and John J. Byrne, Jr Distinguished Professor of Medicine)
  • Robin Larson, MD, MPH (Co-Director, Dartmouth's Serious Illness Symptom Management Program and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Palliative Care Regional ECHO series)
  • Meredith A. MacMartin, MD (Medical Director, Jack Byrne Center for Palliative & Hospice Care)
  • Alexandra C. ’Sasha’ Steinbaugh, LICSW (Continuing Care Manager)
  • Charles Whang, MD (Associate Director, Palliative Care Rotation & Learners)
  • Shana Wierchowski, MD (Medical Director, Inpatient Palliative Medicine Services)
  • Matthew M. Wilson, MD (Medical Director, Outpatient Palliative Medicine Service and VA Palliative Care Clinician)