Rheumatology Fellowship

2023 rheumatology fellows and faculty

Mission statement

The mission of the Rheumatology fellowship program is to provide comprehensive training in clinical rheumatology with broad exposure to rheumatic and related diseases in the hopes of producing accomplished clinical rheumatologists capable of providing evidence based, safe and compassionate care.

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Program aims

  • To provide a comprehensive 2-year curriculum with the goal of producing accomplished clinical Rheumatologists capable of providing evidence-based, safe and compassionate care for patients with the wide array of disorders that encompass the specialty of rheumatology
  • To successfully prepare fellows for the future practice environment of their choice – academic medicine, community practice, public health
  • To develop scholarly attitudes needed to maintain an understanding of the rapid advances that occur in Rheumatology
  • To foster professional attitudes needed to lead and work in inter-professional teams
  • To promote self-reflection about performance and practice habits in order to engage in continuous practice improvement
2022/2023 Rheumatology Fellows and Staff