1. All Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology program (CCEP) residents will be evaluated quarterly by all the faculty, online (E*Value). Housestaff are evaluated on all the 6 Core Competencies. Other assessment methods include an Evaluation Committee made up of the faculty, a review of the resident's procedure log, and a review of the resident's ability to present and participate in conferences. Peer, student, nurse, social worker, and other evaluations may be obtained at the program director's discretion (360-degree assessments). These evaluations will remain anonymous and can be reviewed by the resident only in aggregate.
  2. Residents are expected to complete evaluations of their attendings, rotations, and program. In some cases, peer evaluations may be requested. Program evaluation is done on a biannual basis, and faculty are evaluated 3 times yearly. Evaluations are done on the E*Value system and must be done in a timely fashion. The oldest evaluation must be done first. These evaluations are a mandatory part of training, and failure to complete them is considered unprofessional behavior.
  3. Residents can review their evaluations at any time via online resources. This includes raw evaluation data and comparative norms.
  4. Housestaff will meet with the Program Director every 6 months to review their evaluations. A summary of this review will be placed in the resident's file.
  5. An unsatisfactory evaluation is defined as any evaluation that contains any 1 score of 3 on a 9-point scale or language in the comment section stating that the resident's performance was marginal, concerning, or otherwise not equal to the academic standards of the program.