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Dartmouth Radiology Residency Program: Q&A with the residents
Dartmouth Radiology Residency Program: Interventional Radiology Q&A with the residents

Resident experiences

"I am thrilled that I chose Dartmouth for my radiology residency. I have ample opportunity to read challenging cases during the day, I am very busy on call, and I benefit from one on one teaching with excellent attendings. Residents get involved with procedures from the start of training spanning from Ultrasound to biopsies to IR trauma cases. We are definitely a learn-by-doing program. Ultimately the core strength is the dedication to resident teaching and the positive attitude of the residents. I am happy at work and my family and I are happy to be outdoors in the Upper Valley."

- Jon Farrell
Dartmouth Hitchcock Radiology Residency Class of 2019 Neuroradiology Fellowship, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

"Without question, I feel one of the greatest educational resources in our residency is the physics curriculum. Physics is perhaps the most daunting portion of the CORE exam, and unquestionably a difficult section to prepare for. Recently, Dr. Walter Huda joined the ranks of our teaching staff- and we are lucky for that. Dr. Huda's numerous lectures and didactic sessions not only prepared us for the CORE exam, but perhaps most importantly, helped us better grasp the practical aspects of radiographic physics in our daily work. I am happy to say that all of our seniors passed the CORE this year, and did particularly well on the physics section because we were so well prepared for it."

-Eiman Anvari, DO
Dartmouth Hitchcock Radiology Residency Class of 2016
Cross Sectional Imaging Fellowship, UCSD

"My favorite part of the program is living in the Upper Valley Region. It has a feel of a college town with access to every type of outdoor activity imaginable. The hospital is set in a large forested tract with beautiful hiking trails literally starting across the street. There is kayaking and fishing at the Connecticut River and easy access to skiing around the area with discounts for residents available at the Dartmouth Outing Club. I also try to work an afternoon on the weekend at the Dartmouth Organic Farm (3 miles by kayak up the Connecticut River) and go to the several farmers market in the area. Living 1.2 miles away from the hospital, I have a beautiful unobstructed view of the forest from my back porch. Hanover also has several bars and a few very nice restaurants. But, if I am looking for more nightlife, I usually drive to Montreal or Boston for the weekend."

-Akshat Paliwal, MD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Radiology Residency Class of 2016
ED Radiologist, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

"The opportunity to work at an academic center that has relatively few fellows has been a great training experience. As a resident, I've had the opportunity to actively participate in the day to day management of several clinical services, as well as be first in line when it comes time to perform a procedure. Directly working with attendings in all clinical aspects of the subspecialty care provided at Dartmouth is one of the biggest perks to training here."

-Eric M. Goodman, MD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Radiology Residency Class of 2015
MSK Fellow, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

"Absolutely we are well trained. I mean, we get the best of all worlds.
Tertiary care / major referral center with excellent pathology - check.
Resident run program with little reliance on fellows - check.
Excellent attendings that enjoy teaching and are involved in the world of radiology - check.

A lot of responsibilities on call - check (major institutions are relying less and less on residents, more on fellows and attendings during call hour, which I think hurts resident training). Learn how to scan /procedures - check.
So yes, I think we are very well trained."

-Hazem Hawasli, MD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Radiology Residency Class of 2012
Cross-Sectional Imaging Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

"I am extremely grateful I did my residency at Dartmouth. I graduated feeling very well trained. This was due to the autonomy I was given as I progressed in my training, the large volume of procedures I was able to do due to the low number of fellows, and the top notch education provided by the faculty. The department leaders cared about us as residents and implemented change based on our input. I felt my opinion was valued which allowed me to gain the confidence and skill needed to be a successful radiologist. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely come back to Dartmouth."

-Rebecca R. Mueller, MD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Radiology Residency Class of 2013
VIR Fellow, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

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