Clinical Leadership Application Rotations (CLARs)

Clinical Leadership Application Rotations (CLARs) are some of the major activities during the residency.

This clinical component is designed by residents, their departmental coaches, and the program director to prepare residents for their practicum work.

Although the majority of these activities will occur in the home clinical department, they are different from the usual resident activity in the home department. LPMR residents will maintain a clear focus on the application of preventive medicine, leadership, improvement, and public health skills.

Each CLAR must

  • Take place in a clinical setting
  • Focus on a clinical issue for a specified population
  • Address systems issues and outcome measurement in that setting
  • Contain a set of specific learning objectives that are defined by the resident, coach, and program director
  • Identify a planned product, which must include reflection on the experience and learning
  • Describe how the resident's next steps have been affected by the CLAR and demonstrate how the experience during each rotation contributes to the development of the practicum


  • Apply knowledge and skills to learning about populations
  • Analyze, evaluate, and measure the clinical microsystems involved in the care of defined populations
  • Document and understand the context of care
  • Critically appraise and synthesize available scientific evidence that contributes to the quality of care for these patients
  • Identify points of leverage for change and improvement; identify barriers and facilitating factors
  • Develop balanced measures and analytic methods for outcome assessment
  • Design and test interventions for improvement of care within the clinical microsystem
  • Reflect on the learning experience and identify steps needed to move forward

The CLARs schedule during LPM-Y1

  • CLAR I: Fourth week of July to beginning of TDI Fall term
  • CLAR II: End of TDI Fall term to beginning of TDI Winter term
  • CLAR III: Beginning of TDI Winter term to end of TDI Spring term
  • CLAR IV: End of TDI Spring term to last day of June

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