DHART helicopter and ambulance

Given our large catchment area and active referral region, fellows are able to obtain key training experiences as part of the three-person neonatal transport team. This team includes specialized neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists. The three-person team responds to the most critical outborn infants requiring transport, including extreme premature delivery, cardiac lesions, and active resuscitations. Fellows receive training through Dartmouth-Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DHART) on safety and protocols for ground and air transport.

These experiences give fellows an understanding of critical issues affecting the transport of sick infants. The fellows are the team leaders and communicate with the attending. The infant will often require stabilization, intubation, and other necessary procedures. Through these transports, fellows enhance their skills of active management and contingency planning and better understand flight physiology in the ill neonate. Additionally, these experiences aid in the learning of regional perinatal care delivery.